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“Clarity”: Mindful Journaling and Candle-making Experience.

“Clarity”: Mindful Journaling and Candle-making Experience.


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Welcome to "Clarity" - an enchanting blend of mindful journaling and hands-on candle-making, meticulously crafted to refresh your senses and nurture your inner self.

Join us on Sunday, Jun 2, from 11 am to 1:00 pm at our candle store nestled at 600 Pine St, 1st floor, Seattle, WA 98101 (Pacific Place, Downtown Seattle).

Cost: $75 (No refund)

About the activity: Embark on your journey with Daniela Bragato's gentle and introspective mindful journaling session. Release the stress of the week as you explore freewriting and thought-provoking prompts. No prior experience is required—simply bring your favorite journal and pen.

Next, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of candle-making. Explore the fascinating history of candles and the captivating stories behind our brand. Engage your senses as you touch, smell, and craft your very own bespoke candle—a tangible reflection of your inner journey.

This workshop is tailor-made for you if you're seeking:

  • A tranquil oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life to reconnect with your essence.
  • A sanctuary to foster tranquility, mindfulness, and a profound sense of presence.
  • Practical insights on integrating journaling into your daily rituals for heightened mindfulness.
  • A nurturing space to unleash your creativity and express yourself authentically.

After the event, allow a week for your candles to be properly set. You can collect your finished creation from our store or opt for shipping at an additional fee.

Join us for a morning of creativity, serenity, and self-discovery. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey to bloom within. We're eager to share this enchanting experience with you!


About Daniela: Daniela is a trauma-informed hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, and writer. With a mission to guide individuals through life's challenges, she promotes awareness, self-compassion, resilience, and courage. Honoring each person's experiences and humanity, she teaches practical tools for self-care and well-being. Originally from Italy, Daniela lived in London for 11 years before moving to Seattle. She enjoys pizza, matcha, the sea, and her kitten Coconut.


This hands-on experience is carefully crafted for those seeking an enjoyable and unique activity. Our main aim is to provide a guided and personalized encounter. We intentionally avoid delving into the technical aspects of candle-making formulas or revealing closely guarded business secrets. Our focus is on your enjoyment and experience.

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